Raymond UCO is committed to maintain social and environmental sustainability and it is not only confined to comply on the prevailing laws and regulations but also to become a benchmark in the industry of its kind by taking various measures to reduce carbon footprint. We are a zero discharge plant with 100% biological ETP and three stage RO to recover waste water and reuse in the process. We have chosen globally accepted and certified chemical suppliers, to avoid any restricted chemicals percolate in our system. We have taken up several energy and power conservation projects to continuously mitigate our carbon foot print in the ecology. 

Corporate Responsibility

Areas where Raymond UCO Denim has been actively engaged in various forms of giving back to the society includes : 
  • Environmental Sustainability, ecological balance and protection of Flora and Fauna (Amravati).
  •  Eradication of Hunger and malnutrition by providing midday meals to school going children (Nagpur).
  • Protecting national heritage by restoration of old iconic buildings and sites of historical importance (Mumbai).

ETP Plant

80% of used water is recycled for reuse and to help grow crop and tree plantation on the green belt

The industrial waste water treatment at Raymond UCO is carried out in a dedicated state-of-art completely automated & PLC operated effluent treatment plant (ETP) supplied by M/s Konark Fixtures . The effluent treatment area is designed to contain and treat all internal process/utility waste water and storm/firewater, with the objective of zero liquid discharge from the plant.